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The most innovative CFD solution


XFlow is a new CFD generator that facilitates the handling of traditionally complex problems by using a particle technology based on a "non mesh" approach.

Engineers and analysts who need fast and accurate information about the behavior of fluids, thermal or acoustic problems, will find in XFlow a suitable solution.


Increase the efficiency of the solution

XFlow is a new CFD software generator that considerably improves the "quality versus solution time".


Reduce the cost of implementation

XFlow follows an approach based on Computational Fluid Dynamics that is extremely easy to use and significantly reduces training and support costs.


Reduce the preparation time

XFlow minimizes the number of parameters, eliminates the long meshing process and, at first glance; it is also tolerant to geometric quality.


The best technology 

The advanced techniques of XFlow facilitate the calculation of traditionally complex simulations, like aeroacoustics, moving parts, free surface flows and fluid-structure interactions.







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