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INGECIBER is nowadays a specialized distributor in the CAE field for the entire Iberian Peninsula. Our engineers have an extensive expertise in the application of this technology in different projects and engineering fields such as mechanical, civil, aeronautic, automotive, naval, defense, to name a few.
With full national capital contribution and the wide "know-how" of ours partners, acquired through extensive participation in big engineering projects, INGECIBER, S.A. was founded in Madrid in 1986 to offer complete solutions in the computer aided engineering (CAE) field.
Since then, INGECIBER has been introducing and spreading this technology into the Spanish industry; a technology that is crucial in the main engineering areas by its effectiveness and its accuracy to simulate and predict the real behavior of structural models, designs, work hypothesis, projects, etc.
INGECIBER is the result of the business vision and professional experience of the management team and the projection of the staff made up by qualified technicians in a 90%. We offer solutions to process design and mechanic, thermal, structural, fluid-dynamic (CFD), acoustic, electromagnetic calculations, mechanical systems, etc.
INGECIBER, s.a. foundation by its current partners with 100% Spanish capital.
INGECIBER, s.a. chosen by ANSYS Inc., to provide exclusively its solutions in Spain and Portugal.
Madrid headquarters innaguration, next to M-30, Avenida de la Ilustración (Ilustración Avenue).
Partnership with Industrial ETSI of UNED University for the official postgraduate course of simulation and theory of finite elements. More than 2500 students enroled since then.
INGECIBER, s.a. leads the R&D PASO Project called SICHAN (future embryo of the application CivilFEM over ANSYS to Civil Engineering calculation).
First version of CivilFEM with ANSYS, fully developed by INGECIBER, s.a.
Creation of the largest European consortium of software and engineering services (TechNet Alliance) of which INGECIBER, s.a. is a founding member.
Agreement with ANSYS Inc., for the commercialization of CivilFEM solution with ANSYS as worldwide wholesaler and the organization of the distribution channel.
INGECIBER, s.a. increases its international expansion with CivilFEM product with ANSYS penetrating in Chinese and Korean markets.
Expansion of INGECIBER, s.a. plants which house a workforce of nearly half a hundred people.
ISO 9001 Accreditation and validation by the main nuclear sector companies in the fulfillment of quality standards according to NRC 10 CFR part 21 y 10 CFR part 50 Appendix B.
Distribution contract signed for the MSC Software portfolio (Patran, Nastran, Marc, Adams, Digimat, Actran etc.) and OEM agreement signed for the new CivilFEM with the solver Marc.
Distribution contract signed for XFlow with Nextlimit.
Distribution contract signed for the Metacomp portfolio (CFD++ etc.)
2010 - 2013
Ingeciber collaborated on the following sections of the AZIMUT project: CAE software analysis for all offshore wind turbine issues; finite element structural analysis of underwater structures; CFD analysis of Von Karman vortex shedding issues for high Reynolds numbers (in critical and transcritical regimes) using XFLOW and CFD++.
Master's in Theoretical & Practical Application of Finite Element Method & CAE Simulation. The application and practical subjects are taught with PATRAN / MSC NASTRAN from MSC Software, CFD++ from Metacomp and CivilFEM with Marc from Ingeciber.
Internationalization of the Master's with UNED. Tutorials in English and Spanish. International Master´s in Theoretical & Practical Application of FEM and CAE Simulation - .
Distribution contract (Reseller Agreement) signed with VI-GRADE for the distribution of their portfolio with Adams (Vi-Rail, Vi-Car, Vi-Aircraft etc.)
2013- 2014
Ingeciber, together with Enginsoft, participated in the seismic requalification of a nuclear power plant in Slovakia for ENEL, using the finite element method. ANSYS and CivilFEM with ANSYS were used.
Agreement of mutual collaboration between Enginsoft (Italy) and Ingeciber (Spain) to represent each other's portfolio and services in their respective territories (Modefrontier, Flowmaster, FDS, CivilFEM etc.).
Collaboration agreement between Ingeciber (Spain), Enginsoft (Italy), IDAC (UK) and Nextlimit (Spain) to flexibilize the use of software in the application and practical subjects of the UNED International Master´s in Theoretical & Practical Application of FEM and CAE Simulation. Students can use PATRAN / MSC NASTRAN, ANSYS, CivilFEM with Marc, CivilFEM with ANSYS, ANSYS CFD, CFD++ and XFLOW.
First commercial version of the new CivilFEM including the solver Marc and CivilFEM Support Distributor agreements with the international CivilFEM distribution channel.
Development of the complete INTRO and ADVANCE versions of CivilFEM powered by Marc.
Development of v.17.1 of CivilFEM for ANSYS.
Launch of the online CAE training platform ICAEEC –
Development of the International Distribution Channel for CivilFEM powered by Marc.
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