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SpaceClaim Engineer


Specially designed for engineers, SpaceClaim Engineer is the world’s quickest and most innovative modeler, allowing for quick concept creation and preparation of 3D designs for prototyping, analysis and manufacturing.






SpaceClaim Style


 SpaceClaim Style  provides the freedom of direct solid modelling to the industrial design world. It speeds up the creation of ideas, providing flexible tools to create, edit and validate conceptual designs.






SpaceClaim Viewer


Do you need to share a SpaceClaim design with your client, and he does not use 3D? Have you ever wanted to measure a model in your computer? Would your CAD team obtain some benefit if they included their reviews in the 3D model? If that is the case, you should try the free SpaceClaim Viewer, which allows any person to open and measure designs, draws and reviews made by the complete version of SpaceClaim.


Download a free copy of SpaceClaim Viewer!


Extra modules

There are extra modules to enhance the functionality of SpaceClaim. The optional modules include data exchange packages with Pro/E, Inventor, CATIA, VDA, Parasolid, SolidWorks, and NX, as well as a TraceParts library and a module that allows the interaction with HyperShot Bunkspeed and SpaceClaim.


SpaceClaim (Student License)

SpaceClaim Engineer has a student license available for institutions, professors and students.



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