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TechNet Alliance

TechNet Alliance is probably the largest network of engineering services suppliers dedicated to distribution, development, training, consultancy and CAE solutions support, with more than 55 companies and more than 2500 employees dedicated to this sector in 22  countries and 19 different languages.


INGECIBER, s.a., together with other specialized CAE companies around  the world, founded  TechNet Alliance in 1998. TechNet Alliance is an organization with its headquarters based in Switzerland that combined with an unique experience, abilities, resources and staff of each member of the partnership, is able to provide solutions to any market need.


This is the answer to the increasing specialized and complex  demands in CAE, which require more skilled professionals in each area to satisfy our clients. Furthermore, suppliers of this kind of services are often specialized  SMEs in one or in many sectors or issues and  no single company is currently able to fulfill all the needs related to CAE in the market.

Mapa de miembros de TechNet Alliance


TechNet Alliance combines the best engineering talents, with a deep product knowledge, a large experience in consultancy and specialized training and support teams, that is to say, it is a multidisciplinary  "Expert Alliance" .

For futher information about TechNet Alliance contact INGECIBER.

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