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INGECIBER is nowadays a specialized distributor in the CAE field for the entire Iberian Peninsula. Our engineers have an extensive expertise in the application of this technology in different projects and engineering fields such as mechanical, civil, aeronautic, automotive, naval, defense, to name a few.
With full national capital contribution and the wide "know-how" of ours partners, acquired through extensive participation in big engineering projects, INGECIBER, S.A. was founded in Madrid in 1986 to offer complete solutions in the computer aided engineering (CAE) field.
Since then, INGECIBER has been introducing and spreading this technology into the Spanish industry; a technology that is crucial in the main engineering areas by its effectiveness and its accuracy to simulate and predict the real behavior of structural models, designs, work hypothesis, projects, etc.
INGECIBER is the result of the business vision and professional experience of the management team and the projection of the staff made up by qualified technicians in a 90%. We offer solutions to process design and mechanic, thermal, structural, fluid-dynamic (CFD), acoustic, electromagnetic calculations, mechanical systems, etc.
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