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INGECIBER, S.A. has a large variety of CAE services that allow our clients to ensure their company success. All our individual products offered as services, have the best possible quality and by combining them, we can offer a customized solution for each specific client. INGECIBER can provide the most complete calculation and engineering solutions to any company from most of the different industry branches. We provide:
  • Finite element calculations
  • Technical assistance and consultancy
  • Personalized developments, starting from scratch or using an current solution and API
  • Practical and theoretical training in our offices or in-house.
  • Coordination and help in R&D projects
  • Support and technical assistance using the software
  • Supply of the best simulation programs
In addition, INGECIBER also has partnerships and collaborations with similar companies abroad, so a satisfactory solution will be always provided.
Major Costumers:
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