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Precision, speed and reliability are the main CFD++ characteristics, thanks to the application of Advanced Numerical Techniques to Unified Physical Fields, Mesh and Unified Computing.




Advanced Numerical Techniques


CFD++ can solve compressible and incompressible flow problems, including multi-species treatment, chemical reactions, multi-phase, stable or unstable flow, rotating machinery, porous media, heat transfer... The models can be directly integrated with wall functions, or combined with functions modeling compressibility effects, pressure gradient and heat transfer. It has advanced LES/RANS hybrid turbulence models.


Unified Physical Fields

 CFD++ simplifies the treatment of complex geometries unifying structured, unstructured and multi-block meshes. CFD++ can also cope with overlapping and non-aligned meshes. CFD++  allows the combination of different types of elements in one mesh: hexahedron, triangular prisms, pyramids and 3D tetrahedrons, quadrilaterals and 2D triangles, and 1D line elements.




 Unified computing


CFD++ can be used in any kind of computer, from personal computers to large clusters, and works under various operating systems such as Windows, Linux or different types of UNIX systems. Files are compatible between platforms.





Unified Mesh


CFD++ uses an advanced interpolation algorithm in order to avoid numerical oscillations, different Riemann solvers to ensure correct signal propagation, and pre-conditioned algorithms, relaxation and multi-mesh to accelerate convergence.






 CFD ++ is used in:


  • Motive/Sliding Mesh

  • Rotating machinery

  • Moving bodies/6DOF

  • Heat Transfer

  • Porous Media

  • Chemical Reactions

  • Multi-Speed Problems

  • Mesh Improvement

  • Damaged Meshes Treatment

  • Modelling of Components (Swirlers, etc.)

  • Dispersed phase (particles drops)

  • Free Surface and Fronts (flames, booms, etc..)




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