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CAA++ includes a complete range of acoustic tools, providing CFD++ with the analytical methods needed to simulate the generation and the transmission of sound waves in fluid media.





Sometimes, CFD traditional methods do not achieve results due to the fact that sounds audible to the human ear can be generated by minimum quantities of power; however, they are capable of spreading through long distances with low attenuation.


CAA++ contains a wide range of products that incorporate advances in computational aeroacoustics technology. CAA++ allows the user to design an exact and effective solution to the problem of noise prediction.


The CAA++ user can visualize the noise sources or calculate the total noise power and thus compare and choose between several designs. The analytical methods allow the simulation of the sound propagation of a set of modelled noise sources and making a quick prediction for a certain number of established waves.
The NLAS acoustic solver is used in problems with solid surfaces in the near field, sound blocking, refraction or reflexion, and even resonance. This solver uses perturbation equations to model the acoustic wave transmission numerically. The NLAS method provides a valid noise prediction to bandwidth spectrum and discrete tones from consistent or resonant structures.


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