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MIME (Multipurpose Intelligent Meshing Environment) is a powerful meshing tool  for the CFD++, CAA++, CSM++ and ED environment. 


 It is very easy to use and it allows the introduction of the design phase calculation concurrently with the CAD step.


The meshing of solid bodies, often forces the engineer to spend many hours performing tasks such as geometry importation and model cleaning.



MIME reduces the required effort to mesh CAD models before analysis.


MIME can use the mesh provided by CAD model, without the need of a previous conversion.


MIME works with all the CAD systems that produce solid model formats (for example: ACIS, Parasolid, Granite). It can use the CAD native files from Pro/Engineer, and discrete geometry representations (superficial meshes) like STL (stereolitography).



  • Generation of non-structured meshes in 2D and 3D

  • Simple user interface to select and organize the geometry for the meshing process.

  • 2D Triangles/Quadrilaterals; Tetrahedrons, prisms and 3D pyramids

  • Analysis tools of Mesh Quality

  • Intensive use of automated functions

  • User control of the mesh density



  • Deletion of manual operations, like geometry cleaning or the generation of meshing topology.
  • Strong synergy with CFD++: quick and consistent meshing of complex models with precise simulation results
  • Very short learning curve. The user can begin to create his meshes in a matter of hours.



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