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KeyShot 2


KeyShot™ 2 converts your 3D images into photographic images easier than ever. 
KeyShot™ 2
is the latest rendering photographic application created by Luxion SpA, a leader in the development of advanced rendering and lighting technology. Starting from the fastest existing rendering engine, KeyShot™ 2 has been made even faster, and in addition, it does not need a specialized discreet graphics card







  • Real-time interaction that exploits the CPU's "multi-core" power and provides instant results. 
  • Direct on scene dragging and pasting of materials, textures and environments, with instant visualization results.
  • New systems that allow adding labels in any material, even glass.
  • A scene tree that facilitates the interaction between multiple parts and models.
  • Dynamic camera interaction and precise placing control.
  • Materials, environments, textures and renderings library, with visual representation and search capacity.
  • Combination of previously saved scenes with the current ones.
  • Colour and intensity control for light emitting materials.


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