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CivilFEM powered by Marc

CivilFEM powered by Marc is a complete product with its own solver that combines the ease of use of a modern multi language GUI with the most advanced Finite Element analysis tools, at an affordable price for the professional and academic user. Using the powerful MSC Marc solver, CivilFEM is able to perform complex analyses (high non- linearities in conjunction with transient analysis and/or evaluative construction processes) with great ease and accuracy.


The civil engineer will be able to completely and efficiently define a complex case study in an easy way, using the available powerful object-oriented geometry and modelling tools. The intuitive GUI greatly facilitates the interaction among CivilFEM advanced capabilities, enabling a quick access to the engineering functions such as advanced material constitutive laws, parameter operations, unit systems, boundary condition and load definition, parallel processing, Python macros…


The new post-processing environment allows a quick collection of result data in a direct and visual way. The code checking and design module allows the introduction of material data and quick structural check using current international standard codes that will drastically reduce the time spent in the global design process.


Thanks to the long experience of Ingeciber, CivilFEM powered by Marc becomes a leading CAE option for any budget and need.


For more information, please visit this product section in our website: CivilFEM.

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