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CivilFEM for Ansys

CivilFEM for ANSYS is a customization of the renowned ANSYS software, tailored to the engineer that needs to integrate civil engineering oriented tools to his ANSYS workflow. CivilFEM for ANSYS is an ANSYS add-on that incorporates more than 400 civil specific features.


CivilFEM works as an “add-on” with ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise.


CivilFEM for ANSYS ultimately implements the features and tools needed for solving a great number of the most usual cases presented in the civil engineering field, such as tunnel and bridge calculation, pre-stressed concrete, Geotechnical cases, code checking, seismic problems and specific Nuclear Plant design calculations.


CivilFEM for ANSYS integrates its functionality inside the ANSYS GUI, offering a familiar interface to the user. CivilFEM features are accessible through custom menus and user wizards, in addition to ADPL commands that facilitate the integration of CivilFEM advanced functionality into the user’s workflow.


For more information, please visit this product section in our website: CivilFEM.


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