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Int'l FEA Master's

International online FEA Master's program of UNED - Ingeciber


Since 1993 Ingeciber has collaborated with UNED University on the International Master’s in Theoretical and Practical Application of the Finite Element Method and CAE Simulation, and more than 3,600 students have graduated.


The Mechanical and Civil Engineering Departments of Ingeciber are in charge of the Specialized Module’s application and practical subjects of Dynamic Analysis, Nonlinear Analysis, Heat Transfer Analysis, Advanced Steel Structures Analysis, Composites, Fluid Mechanics, Advanced Concrete Structures Analysis and Geotechnics.


The global interest received for this Master´s Program motivated us to expand it into English. By partnering with local companies who help support and promote this program within their specific regions, we have made participating and studying this program possible from anywhere in the world. This demonstrates that UNED´s Master’s FEA program has obtained worldwide acceptance and prestige.


Complete information about the Master’s is available at

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