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CivilFEM® APPs for ANSYS® Workbench™ updated; compatible with the latest version of ANSYS® 2020 R3



CivilFEM® APPs for ANSYS® Workbench™ are continuously updated for full compatibility with ANSYS®.

Thus, with this latest update, they are compatible with the latest version of ANSYS® 2020 R3. In addition, a variety of technical improvements  have been made.

These Applications will allow the user to check and design your ANSYS® Workbench™ models using the main international construction standards.

In this way, ANSYS® users will be able to work in the construction and civil engineering fields by analyzing their models from day one, without the need for additional training, in a user-friendly and agile way.

These Apps provide check & design tools for Beams and Shells, both Steel and Reinforced Concrete for European (EC2 and EC3), American (AISC, LRFD, AISC ASD and ACI318) and  as a new feature, it is now also available the American nuclear ACI 349 standards.

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