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Free Webinar: Simulation of Nonlinear Concrete in CivilFEM 2019

DateOctober 9, 2019 (Wednesday), Duration: 45 min.

HostsRomán Martín, MSc. Civil Engineer – Research & Development Dept. INGECIBER, S.A


11:00 AM CEST (Paris Time) - Register now


11:30 AM EDT (New York Time) - Register now


Concrete material presents a complex structural response governed by several important nonlinearities: highly nonlinear stress-strain behavior with tensile cracking and compression crushing material failures and time-dependent creep and shrinkage strains.

Moreover, new concrete additives and the use of fibrous materials (steel, glass or synthetic) in Fiber Reinforced Concrete modify the concrete post-cracking behavior with hardening and softening laws that depend on the fiber amount. All these concrete nonlinearities depend strongly on the triaxial state of stress.

In addition, reinforcing and prestressing steel increases complexity with yielding and bond-slip behavior.

The unique features of CivilFEM Powered by Marc for reinforced and prestressed concrete structures consider all mentioned nonlinearities with high accuracy and low computational costs, reducing the time of processing and convergence problems in complex models. These features are available for static, construction stage or transient analysis.

This webinar includes all the needed steps and tips for reinforcement concrete modeling in nonlinear analysis: concrete cracking and post-cracking softening or hardening behavior definition, compression crushing failure, nonlinear steel reinforcement and bond-slip between concrete and steel rebar.

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