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CivilFEM 2022 for ANSYS version Release
In accordance with our policy of development and maintenance, we are pleased to announce the release of the new version of CivilFEM 2022 for ANSYS® MAPDL add-on for ANSYS 2022 R1.
The new version is available at CivilFEM website. If you don't have an account yet, please register.
CivilFEM 2022 Enhancements:
  • Concrete Beam Design of any shape of cross sections under all the CivilFEM Codes & Standards (EC-2, ACI-318, ACI-349, AASHTO, AS 3600, BS8110, CП 52-101-03, GB 50010, IS 456, EHE, CEB-FIP)              
  • Automatic Code Combinations
  • ACI318-19 update
Please remember that you can download CivilFEM for ANSYS Student from our website. This free trial version is suitable for academic matters and software assessment, running as an add-on together with the ANSYS Student version.
We are also pleased to announce that these new enhancements will be available soon in our CivilFEM APPs for ANSYS Workbench. They are available at a very competitive price through ANSYS® Resellers and on the Official ANSYS App Store.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or comments:
About CivilFEM for Ansys
CivilFEM is a civil/structural plug-in for ANSYS MAPDL with more than 400 extra capabilities for the analysis and design of any type of civil engineering structure, such as checking and design of ANSYS beam, shell or solid element models by International Concrete and Steel Codes and Standards, Prestressed Concrete (any type of tendon layout definition, short and long-term losses calculation and equivalent forces transferred to beam, shell and solid element models), special modules for geotechnics, bridges and Nuclear Power plants (Nuclear Codes, J and ∩ tendons, seismic margin assessment HCLPF - EPRI-NP6041-Rev1) and many others.

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