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New Release of CivilFEM 2023 powered by Marc
We are excited to announce the latest release of CivilFEM 2023 powered by Marc, a comprehensive software solution that brings together the power of structural and geotechnical analysis. With a focus on innovation and user-driven advancements, CivilFEM 2023 offers an integrated platform for engineers to tackle complex engineering projects with greater precision and efficiency.
1. Advanced Geotechnical Material Model: Introducing the Small Strain Brick material model, a crucial addition for geotechnical analysis. This new model accurately replicates the dependency of the elastic modulus on shear strain history, providing geotechnical engineers with a more realistic representation of materials and their behavior.


2. Failure Analysis and Safety Measures: Incorporating a failure index for generic materials and progressive failure analysis, the software equips engineers with powerful tools to identify potential failure points and assess safety factors accurately. These features contribute to the enhanced reliability and safety of structural and geotechnical designs.


3. Improved Results File Format: Now supporting the HDF5 results file format, the software streamlines data handling and post-processing for both structural and geotechnical analysis. The new format offers engineers a more efficient workflow and greater insights into their simulation results.


4. Enhanced Temperature Loads: Responding to user feedback, temperature loads in structural analysis can now be applied to finite elements, not just structural elements.


5. Enhanced Control Options for Versatile Simulations: With the introduction of a new solve control option, the software provides engineers with increased flexibility in applying boundary conditions. Users can now choose to impose boundary conditions as relative displacements to the previous load case or as total displacements, tailoring simulations to specific project requirements.


6. Improved Surface Load Option: Addressing issues arising from surface geometry and finite element mesh discrepancies, the new surface load option ensures accurate and reliable simulation results. This enhancement is equally applicable to both structural and geotechnical analyses.


7. Comprehensive Structural Code Implementation:  The software includes the Spanish code, empowering engineers to conduct thorough checks and designs of steel beams and reinforced concrete shells and beams. This addition ensures compliance with industry standards and provides engineers with a robust platform for structural analysis.


8. ANSI/AISC 360-16 Code Compliance for Steel Beams: Engineers can now check steel beams against the specifications of the ANSI/AISC 360-16 code. This capability reinforces structural integrity assessments and helps achieve optimum design solutions.


Experience the synergy of structural and geotechnical analysis with CivilFEM 2023  powered by Marc. Explore our website to learn more about the latest features and discover how CivilFEM 2023 can elevate your engineering projects to new heights.


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