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CivilFEM 2024 for Ansys Now Available with Enhanced Features!




We are thrilled to announce the release of CivilFEM 2024 for Ansys, introducing an array of new features and improvements designed to streamline your structural analysis and design processes. This latest version, compatible with Ansys 2024 R1, brings a host of enhancements to both Ansys MAPDL and Ansys Workbench platforms, empowering engineers with advanced capabilities and greater flexibility.




Enhancements in CivilFEM for Ansys MAPDL:


  • Compatibility with Ansys 2024 R1 and earlier versions: CivilFEM 2024 for Ansys is compatible with Ansys versions from 2024 R1 to 2020 R1, as well as older versions like Ansys 14.5 and onwards.
  • Enhanced configuration choices: Users can now opt to derive beams and shells properties directly from the current model, instead of relying solely on the CivilFEM results file. This is beneficial when new properties are created and assigned using the Ansys ’emodif’ command, avoiding the need to re-solve the entire model.
  • Additional results for concrete shell design: New results are available for checking and designing concrete shells by orthogonal directions, providing design forces and moments for each direction.
  • Improved command functionality: The ~PL2DINT command now includes an option to incorporate torsional moment and membrane shear force in the interaction diagram for shells.


Enhancements in CivilFEM for Ansys Workbench:


  • Compatibility with Ansys 2024 R1 and earlier versions: CivilFEM ACT 2024.1 for Ansys Workbench is compatible with Ansys versions from 2024 R1 to 2019.
  • GB50010-2010 code implementation: Now analyze and design reinforced concrete structures according to the GB50010-2010 code, offering engineers more regulatory compliance options.
  • ACI 318-2019 code support: This version supports the ACI 318-2019 code, allowing engineers to meet the latest industry standards for reinforced concrete structures.
  • Mesh selection for CivilFEM elements: Users can assign mesh selection to CivilFEM structural elements, improving control and precision in meshing.
  • Interaction diagram plotting: Easily visualize structural behavior with interaction diagram plotting for reinforced concrete beams and shells.

These enhancements represent our commitment to empowering civil engineering professionals with cutting-edge tools and technologies to tackle the most complex structural challenges effectively. Upgrade to CivilFEM 2024 for Ansys today and experience the next level of structural analysis and design capabilities.

For more information and to download the latest version, visit the CivilFEM Customer Portal. Unlock the full potential of your structural engineering projects with CivilFEM 2024 for Ansys!


If you are an existing CivilFEM for Ansys customer, your license grants you access to the Apps for Ansys Workbench as well.

For academic purposes and software assessment, you can also download the free trial version of CivilFEM Student, which can be used alongside the Ansys Student version.

Click Here to Get a Free Trial Version

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments:


About CivilFEM for Ansys

 CivilFEM is a civil/structural plug-in for ANSYS MAPDL that offers over 400 additional capabilities for the analysis and design of various civil engineering structures. These capabilities include the checking and design of ANSYS beam, shell, or solid element models according to international concrete and steel codes. It also provides specialized modules for geotechnics, bridges, and nuclear power plants, including nuclear codes, J and ∩ tendons, seismic margin assessment (HCLPF – EPRI-NP6041-Rev1), and more. Furthermore, it enables the definition of any type of tendon layout, calculation of short and long-term losses, and the transfer of equivalent forces to beam, shell, and solid element models.


About CivilFEM Apps for Ansys Workbench

A much-demanded capability in the construction industry is check and design using the main international construction standards and, fortunately, Ansys® users can now check and design their models using these standards with the help of the new CivilFEM® APPs for Ansys® Workbench™.

These Apps also incorporate a complete material library and section library that encompasses materials and sections. In addition, they allow the simple and intuitive generation of the load combinations, an essential task in the construction field for its later check and design.


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